Beabadoobee – Fake It Flowers (2021)

Beabadoobee FakeItFlowers

Born in the Philippines and raised in London, Bea Kristi began recording music as Beabadoobee in 2017. At just 20 years old, Beabadoobee has built her huge, dedicated Gen-Z fan base with her flawless output of confessional bedroom grunge pop songs and DIY aesthetic. Fake It Flowers is her debut album wear she wears her heart on her sleeve backed by music that has a strong grunge and slacker feel. It’s instant, joyous and absolutely golden.


    1. Care
    2. Worth It
    3. Dye It Red
    4. Back To Mars
    5. Charlie Brown
    6. Emo Song
    7. Sorry
    8. Further Away
    9. Horen Sarrison
    10. How Was Your Day
    11. Together
    12. Yoshimi, Forest, Magdalene


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