Cornelius – Ghost In The Shell Arise (LIMITED LP & 7″ VINYL) (2021)

Cornelius GITSALPand7inch

Maaya Sakamoto wrote the lyrics for the opening theme “Ghost In The Shell Arise”, which is a refrain of the voice of the main character, Motoko Kusanagi, and welcomed female vocalists such as salyu x salyu and Ichiko Aoba “border: 1” A selection of 14 songs from the original CD album released in 2013, including the ending themes “Jibun ga Inai” and “Outside is the battlefield” for “Ghost Pain” and “border: 2 Ghost Whispers”. This is a special analog record with a 7-inch studio live version of each ending theme!



  1. Ghost In The Shell Arise
  2. Breaking Point
  3. じぶんがいない / salyu × salyu
  4. Highway Friendly
  5. Solid Iced Air
  6. Surfin’ on Mind Waves
  7. Star Cluster Collector
  8. 外は戦場だよ / 青葉市子 コーネリアス
  9. Logicoma Beat
  10. Self Running Landmine
  11. Confusion Diffusion
  12. Action Woman
  13. In The Shell
  14. Ending Title

7″ vinyl:

  1. じぶんがいない Studio Live Ver. / salyu × salyu
  2. 外は戦場だよ Studio Live Ver. / 青葉市子 コーネリアス


Cornelius GITSALPand7inch

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