Cornelius – Mellow Waves (Limited Black White vinyl) (2018)

Cornelius - Mellow Waves vinyl

Cornelius – Mellow Waves (Limited Black White vinyl) (2018)

Acclaimed Japanese producer, composer, and recording artist Cornelius first proper studio album in over 11 years, featuring the singles If You’re Here, Sometime / Someplace, and In a Dream. Limited edition 140g white with black splatter vinyl in pop-up gatefold package with exclusive phenakistoscope animation insert.


  1. あなたがいるなら (If You’re Here)
  2. いつか / どこか (Sometime / Someplace)
  3. 未来の人へ (Dear Future Person)
  4. Surfing on Mind Wave pt 2
  5. 夢の中で (In a Dream)
  6. Helix / Spiral Lyrics7Mellow Yellow Feel
  7. The Spell of a Vanishing Loveliness
  8. The Rain Song Lyrics
  9. Crépuscule Lyrics


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