Daniel Caesar – CASE STUDY 01 (2019)

Daniel Caesar - Case Study 01 vinyl

Daniel Caesar – CASE STUDY 01 (2019)

Case Study 01 (stylized in all caps) is the second studio album by Canadian singer and songwriter Daniel Caesar, released on June 28, 2019, through Golden Child Recordings. It features guest appearances from BrandyPharrell WilliamsJohn MayerSean Leon and Jacob Collier.[1]

Jacob Carey of Exclaim! noted the “experimental nature” of the album, concluding: “Although Case Study 01 may not receive the same critical reception as Freudian, it’s a solid effort by an artist who is, more or less, still a rookie, attempting to diversify his sound early on in order to avoid cementing himself into gospel music for the entirety of his career.”[3] Aaron Williams of Uproxx stated: “Even with Caesar’s newfound physicality, Case Study 01 is still a thoughtful, beautiful-sounding album. If nothing else, it proves he’s still a smart, intriguing songwriter who could wring twice as much romance out of a couplet as any of his contemporaries. But there’s also a sense that maybe he’s trying a little too hard here as well.”[6]


1.“Entropy”Ashton Simmonds Tommy Paxton-Beesley Andrew Cocup Tom Findlay Allan Jeffrey Claire RothrockDaniel Caesar4:21
2.“Cyanide”Simmonds Paxton-Beesley Jason Harrow Matthew Burnett Jordan Evans Matthew Leon Thomas Jackson Robert KingBurnett Evans3:14
3.Love Again” (with Brandy)Simmonds Brandy Evans Burnett Leon Darhyl Camper, Jr. Edward BlackmonEvans Burnett3:34
4.“Frontal Lobe Muzik” (featuring Pharrell Williams)Simmonds Pharrell Williams Chad Hugo Leon Evans BurnettThe Neptunes3:49
5.“Open Up”Simmonds Paxton-Beesley Evans Burnett LeonBurnett Evans4:26
6.“Restore the Feeling” (featuring Sean Leon and Jacob Collier)Simmonds Evans Burnett Leon Jacob CollierEvans Burnett3:34
7.“Superposition” (featuring John Mayer)Simmonds Evans Paxton-Beesley Burnett John MayerMayer Evans[a]4:23
8.“Too Deep to Turn Back”Simmonds Paxton-Beesley Evans Burnett Cocup Findlay Jeffrey Rothrock Milton YakusBurnett Evans River Tiber[a]5:18
9.“Complexities”Leon Alex Ernewein Ethan Ashby Liza Yohannes Liam MitroErnwein Ashby[a]3:50
10.“Are You OK?”Simmonds Paxton-Beesley Leon Mayer Matthew SamuelsDaniel Caesar Boi-1da River Tiber[a]6:32


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