Men I Trust – Oncle Jazz (2019)

Men I Trust - Oncle Jazz vinyl

Men I Trust – Oncle Jazz (2019) (Silver vinyl)

For Dragos Chiriac, Emma Proulx and Jessy Caron, known collectively as dream-pop band Men I Trust, letting go has been a challenge. 

The French-Canadian trio delayed their upcoming album Oncle Jazz multiple times. Once, because they were touring and didn’t have time to finish it. A second time because they looked at one another the night before it was due to be uploaded to major streaming services, and decided it wasn’t quite ready. Now, after taking a scalpel to it several times and softening its overall sound, the band is self-releasing their third album this Friday (Sept. 13). 

It will be Men I Trust’s first album since Headroom in 2015, but the band hasn’t exactly starved their fans of music. Since March 2016, when Proulx joined as Men I Trust’s full-time guitarist and vocalist, they have released 12 consecutive singles. Reworked versions of eight of them, including “Tailwhip,” “Numb” and “Show Me How,” will be be included on Oncle Jazz, which has 24 songs in total that combine for a smooth, seamless listen. The strategy was partly intended to build a fanbase, so that when their full-length debut did arrive, there would be people waiting for it. 


  1. Oncle Jazz
  2. Norton Commander
  3. Days Go By
  4. Tailwhip
  5. Found Me
  6. Numb
  7. Say Can You Hear
  8. All Night
  9. I Hope To Be Around
  10. Dorian
  11. Pines
  12. Slap Pie
  13. Fiero GT
  14. Seven
  15. Show Me How
  16. Alright
  17. You Deserve This
  18. Pierre
  19. Air
  20. Porcelain
  21. Poodle Of Mud
  22. Something In Water
  23. Tailwhip Revisited
  24. Poplar Tree


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