Phoenix – United (2000)

Phoenix - United vinyl

Phoenix – United (2000)

United is the debut studio album by French indie pop band Phoenix, released in 2000. Singles released from the album include “Too Young“, “If I Ever Feel Better” and “Party Time”. Summer is a thing that only comes once a year, but when it is here it can be the best thing ever. For some it means 3 months of limited responsibility and maximized relaxation, highlighted with common things such as hanging out with friends or doing whatever. The point is it takes a band with talent to truly capture a mood or season and put it on a full length. For their debut, French foursome Phoenix have done just that, created an album rich with songs that give off vibes similar to dancing in the summer sun or just watching the sun set in the cool but warm air (cheesy? yeah but the music isn’t). To put it simply: the drummer doesn’t have a pulse but this work is very much alive.


2000 saw the arrival of French band Phoenix with their debut ‘United’.


  1. School’s Rules
  2. Too Young
  3. Honeymoon
  4. If I Ever Feel Better
  5. Party Time
  6. On Fire
  7. Embuscade
  8. Summer Days
  9. Funky Squaredance:
  • Part One
  • Part Two
  • Part Three
  • Definitive Breaks

10. Definitive Breaks


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