The Flaming Lips – Soft Bulletin (RSD2021)

Flaming Lips - Soft Bulletin vinyl RSD2021

The Flaming Lips – Soft Bulletin (Silver Coloured 2LP Vinyl) (RSD2021)

Soft Bulletin is one of the Flaming Lips’ most popular and best-selling albums. The Soft Bulletin Companion was originally available as a promo-only CD, hand-made by the Lips’ management, and given to media and radio as the original album grew in popularity around its original release. The compilation includes unreleased songs from the era, plus outtakes and early mixes, B-sides, international bonus tracks and stereo versions of Zaireeka tracks. This silver-colored, double LP comes to record stores first as part of RSD Drops.  


  1. 3500 (Featuring Of Despair)
  2. 1000Ft. Hands (Early Mix)
  3. 2025 (Your Invisible Now)
  4. Buggin’ (Lips Mix)
  5. A Machine In India (Edit)
  6. Okay I’ll Admit
  7. The Captain Side
  8. Satellite Of You
  9. The Spiderbite Song (early Mix)
  10. Slow Motion (Early Mix)
  11. 1000Ft. Hands (Final Mix)
  12. Little Hands (Rough Mix)
  13. The Big Ol’ Bug


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